AAMG Gynecologic Specialty Surgeons Team


Our Services

If you have been diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer, or if genetic testing has shown you are at high risk, we can give you hope and serve as your advocate for what is important to you. We offer support and innovative options to preserve dreams of having children.

For women who have had genetic testing and learned they are at high risk of developing a type of hereditary gynecologic cancer, we provide several preventive surgery options. We also offer fertility sparing treatments — both medical and surgical — for women who have been diagnosed with gynecologic cancer and want to protect their fertility for the future.


Preventive Treatment Options for Women at Risk of Cancer

We encourage women who have a family history of a gynecologic cancer to seek genetic counseling to determine their cancer risk. This includes a family history of ovarian and endometrial cancer. If genetic testing shows that you are at high risk of developing a form of hereditary gynecologic cancer, we offer a range of preventive surgical treatments. These options can reduce risk and help put your mind at ease.

Fertility Sparing Options for Women With Gynecologic Cancer

Learning you have ovarian, cervical or endometrial cancer can bring many fears. One fear for many women is losing their ability to get pregnant and have a child in the future. AAMG Gynecologic Specialty Surgeons can help ease that worry.

We offer fertility sparing surgical treatments for women diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer who want to protect their fertility for the future.